Knicks post fifth straight victory

The New York Knicks have been on fire as of late and the Detroit Pistons became their fifth victim and second since Head Coach Mike Woodson called C Tyson Chandler into his office to question his output.

“He called me into his office and he said, ‘You’re an All-Star, you need to start playing like it. The last thing you want is people questioning that,'” Chandler said. “The next night, I had a different focus about me.”

Since that meeting, Chandler has posted three straight games with 20 or more rebounds.

“That’s what I expect,” Knicks coach Mike Woodson said. “He can’t tease me. He’s done it three straight games, so I’m expecting it the fourth game.”

The Knicks next face the Washington Wizards Wednesday Night.  Be sure to get your tickets!


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