Is Mike Woodson a genius or is Mike Di’Antoni just a bad coach?

When the New York Knicks and Mike Di’Antoni parted ways there was a lot of wondering of who pulled the trigger. Di’Antoni says it was him, that he couldn’t positively affect Carmelo anymore. Of course that was only after asking Team Owner James Dolan to trade Anthony. The answer to that was, of course, a firm no. It was no surprise then, when interim coach Mike Woodson started Melo on his first night as the head coach. Melo responded with a 16-point, 7-assist outing in only 24 minutes of playing time. It seems that the only one laying the blame on Melo was the coach.

“It wasn’t just Carmelo. It was our whole team not playing up to where we thought it could be,” interim GM Glen Grunwald said in the press conference announcing Brown. “Mike was as frustrated as anyone about that. That’s what led him to that decision. That maybe it needs to be a new approach.”

The Knicks are now an inspiring 11-3 since Woodson took over including a sizzling 43-point performance from Melo in defeating the Chicago Bulls this past weekend.

Jeremy Linn will most likely never suit up for the Knicks again this season and as the Knicks make their run for the playoffs, Mike Di’Antoni can only wonder “what if.” What if Linn completed the season and kept Linsanity going? Di’Antoni just may still be roaming the sidelines. Instead, the ability to lead men (or lack thereof) should be rattling around up in his head as names like Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan begin to fill the airwaves as his possible successor.

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