N.B.A. Rescinds Stoudemire’s Latest Technical Foul

If it had stood, the technical foul he received in the second quarter of Thursday’s loss to the would have been his 16th of the season, earning him an automatic one-game suspension. Stoudemire and Brendan Haywood received double-technicals from the official Bennett Salvatore when they became tangled beneath the basket. Haywood also had his technical expunged.

Knicks Coach drew a technical for arguing in Stoudemire’s defense, but soon after, Stoudemire, Haywood and Salvatore laughed together. After the game, Stoudemire said that Haywood was a close friend and that neither had ill intent on the play.

The last technical that Stoudemire received that still stands came Feb. 23, in ’s first game as a Knick. Stoudemire has attributed the bulk of his technical foul issues to the league’s new policy of giving quicker technical fouls in an effort to dissuade players from bickering with officials over calls.

Players receive a one-game suspension at their 16th technical and sit out another game for every two technicals afterward.

They are also docked $5,000 for every technical received after their 15th.

Orlando’s became the first player to reach the threshold, and sat out Monday’s loss to the . Anthony has 12 technical fouls this season.

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