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And this is the team that makes a statement for fiscal responsibility by throwing a snit and letting its one genuine fan sensation walk out the door for nothing in return? They drop the ax on Linsanity, the one thing that made everybody happy and suddenly excited to go to the Garden? The Knicks — the Knicks — decide to make their principled financial stand on Jeremy Lin? Really?


It’s hard to believe after all these grim years that a terrible Knicks decision has any surprise factor at all, but this one defies even Jim Dolan-as-total-nitwit logic. Lin fell through their ceiling like a gift from basketball heaven, a genuine out-of-nowhere star whom fans adored. Even the Knicks couldn’t botch this one, could they? Let him walk because two years from now they might be overpaying the one player who makes people jazzed about being Knicks fans?

Wow. Dolan might as well have traveled to Knicks fans’ houses and doused all of them with fire hoses.

Talk all you want about how everyone will now move on, à la , or how this is really Anthony’s team anyway, , or how we really don’t know if Lin would have played up to his contract, . Plenty of people have lauded the Knicks for avoiding that costly third year of Lin’s deal, which is sort of like praising the Cookie Monster for stopping after his 85th Oreo. Hey, Dolan just saved a lot of people the trouble of watching Knicks games. That’s worth something, right? Honey, what’s on HGTV tonight?

But like many, is aghast that the Knicks chose to get persnickety about money now and calls this the most Dolan move ever. that the Knicks clearly never got Linsanity, and never deserved it. And now it’s over. Houston, as , doesn’t even know exactly what it’s getting. And even if Lin does all the things that gave Knicks fans goose bumps, he’ll be doing it for a rebuilding team that, unless it miraculously lands Dwight Howard, everyone outside the arena ZIP code will forget is even in the league. Linsanity, it turns out, burned brightly like a comet and then passed out of view. And Dolan is feeling richer. Isn’t that swell?

If all that made it hard for you to sleep, you could find yourself rolling out of bed at 4:30 a.m. and flipping on the British Open Thursday morning. Much of the first round will be dedicated to figuring out which Tiger Woods has showed up at Royal Lytham, because even he has gotten a bit dizzy trying to explain his up-and-down year, . believes Woods’s problem is his own anxiety about adding to his major victories. There is also the usual anxiety among the English about whether anything of consequence. Or you can ponder, along with whether Rory McIlroy’s love life has K.O.’ed his golf game. Whatever happens, the British golf gurus would like because rounds are starting to feel like extended tax audits.

Of course, even the dullest golf round is more entertaining than contemplating the N.F.L.’s off-season arrest docket, which has gotten ludicrously long. The Cowboys’ when his mother claimed he threatened to kill her.

We do know that Bryant cannot claim Linsanity as a defense. Because thanks to the Knicks, that is history.

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