For Knicks’ Anthony, a Lonely Workout

Anthony, one of only two Knicks to show up for the first day of league-sanctioned, post-lockout workouts at team facilities, first went through a solo workout that team coaches were not allowed to conduct or watch.

And then, two and a half hours after his presence was first announced, Anthony came to meet members of the news media. Not surprisingly, he was immediately asked about Chris Paul, who, according to , has informed his current team, the , that he wants to be traded to New York.

“Let’s not beat around the bush, that’s going to be a sensitive situation,” said Anthony, who should know. He went through a drawn-out drama with the Denver Nuggets last season when he pushed for a trade to the Knicks and finally got what he wanted last February.

“I don’t want to see him go through that because I know personally how that feels,” Anthony said of Paul, who was with him earlier this week along with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade at a charity appearance in Brooklyn.

It was Anthony who turned himself into an enormous distraction to the Nuggets last season. Wherever they played a game, Anthony would be asked over and over again about where he was headed, until the situation resolved itself with the trade.

But when the Knicks made the deal for Anthony, they had a good number of trade chips, and used just about all of them. Except for Chauncey Billups’s expiring contract, the Knicks’ cupboard is now bare and it may be hard, if not impossible, for them to work out a trade for Paul, perhaps the league’s best point guard.

They may be left to hope that Paul will play out the season in New Orleans, then join the Knicks as a free agent, taking less money to play in New York than he could get elsewhere.

Meanwhile, there is the world as the Knicks now know it, with a roster that is hardly overwhelming. Anthony was joined at Thursday’s workout by Toney Douglas, the backup guard. Amar’e Stoudemire was still working out at Florida International University, where Isiah Thomas coaches.

Although several Knicks trainers were able to watch Anthony’s workout on Thursday, he had to use a shooting machine during his drills, since no one could rebound and feed him the ball. “I need somebody to pass me the ball,” Anthony said. “Maybe I’ll bring my son tomorrow.”

Or he could just wait for Paul, if he ever gets here.

For now, Anthony seemed prepared for anything in a lockout-shortened season that will last 66 games.

“It might be a bumpy ride, it might be a smooth ride,” Anthony said. “It depends on what road we take.”

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