Anthony and Knicks Can See What Might Have Been

The , ending a losing streak at six, will not erase the many issues the face in readying themselves for the playoffs. But it steadied a season on the brink of derailing. Anthony scored 39 points, his most as a Knick, and Wednesday’s game will provide another point for revisionists to reflect and compare.

The Knicks will host in the first game between the teams since they bid against each other to land Anthony.

Once the Knicks got Anthony last month, the shocked the league by sending the All-Star point guard Deron Williams to the Nets. The Nets held their introductory news conference for Williams the same day Anthony made his debut at Madison Square Garden.

At one point in trade discussions, nearly every Net except Brook Lopez was sucked into the vortex of the rumored deal for Anthony.

“I think them guys knowing, of being part of the whole Melo drama situation from Day 1 and this being my first time playing against them since the trade went down, I’m excited about the game,” Anthony said. “Especially after us having the game like we had last night. Just looking forward to basically doing the same thing tomorrow night.”

The Nets are 3-5 in games with Williams available, and he is averaging 14.8 points and 13.1 assists with them. Williams has an injured wrist, though, and he missed his eighth of the Nets’ past 11 games against Houston on Tuesday. The Nets debated resting Williams for the season, but now hope he will return against the Knicks.

Count Anthony among those surprised that Williams was traded. The two were teammates in the All-Star Game in Los Angeles, and Utah’s own deliberations had yet to surface beyond the parting with the longtime coach Jerry Sloan.

“We were talking about just everything that was going on, man,” Anthony said. “He hit me after that, it was like, ‘Man, it seemed like as soon as you got off the market, then everybody was just waiting for Jersey.’ But they had all the picks and there’s a lot of things that they could move. But he said he didn’t even know. It happened so quick, it happened so fast. Overnight with him.”

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