About the New York Knicks

A charter member of the Basketball Association of America, which would eventually become today’s NBA, the New York Knicks were called the “Knickerbockers,” because it was the apparel worn by the honored Dutch immigrants, who first settled that region. The most notably era in New York Knicks franchise history would have to be the reign of center Patrick Ewing, despite the fact that the Knicks never won a championship during that period. Ewing dazzled fans with his post play and dunking skills and could be considered the best Knick of all-time. The New York Knicks have had the ability to start some of the best basketball players to pla in the NBA including 19 Hall of Famers such as Centers Willis Reed and Patrick Ewing as well as Guards Walt “Clyde” Frazier and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. The Knicks’ franchise victories include 38 playoff appearances, eight division titles, eight conference titles, and two NBA Championships. The New York Knicks have played at Madison Square Garden since 1946, where ticket sales are always high for this historically entertaining franchise.

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